The Farmers Arms - Restaurant/Bar Design


The Farmers Arms in Ulverston is a much loved, family-run establishment that has been in the Chattaway family for over 20 years. The refurb had to attract a new clientele including tourists and people from further afield while also maintaining a strong presence amongst the locals. The establishment also had to remain the go-to place in Ulverston, competing with numerous other drinks venues, pubs and restaurants in the town. 

The Farmers does not have one target market, it caters to older groups for breakfast and lunch, mothers & babies, drinks after work, birthday dinners, romantic dinners, Saturday night cocktails until the early hours. It is a one-stop restaurant and bar that accommodates for all. The new design had to respect this and maintain a significant level of flexibility.

The new design had to be durable to allow for the demands placed on it day to day. The Farmers is a very busy place. At the same time it had to be creative, attractive and bold to draw in the punters.

It was decided that the kitchen was to move into an extension to allow for more covers within the restaurant. The toilets were also moved to allow for a larger bar and cocktail area. We decided to divide this now larger area into 3 distinct spaces. A pub to the front, cocktail/lunch area in the middle and restaurant to the back which included a private dining area. All areas have been made to feel connected by similar/complimentary finishes continuing through the space as a whole. The three differing spaces offer something for everybody, from barstools to comfy banquettes, lounge chairs to dining chairs. People can visit The Farmers and have a completely different experience every time.

The finished design has numerous 'wow' factors, which rather than competing with each other, compliment each other. There is always something new to look at whether it be the botanical wallpaper, mirrored wall, hexagonal panels or ornate light features. There is always something to talk about and a different experience to be had. 

When it comes to restaurants and pubs, too often the toilets are forgotten about as they are not the areas that make money. But they are so important. Love, care and attention to detail in these areas shows love and care for your customers. They are also a great opportunity to be bold and fun with your designs. We absolutely love the toilets at The Farmers, as do the customers!