Stollers is one of the largest, independent furniture stores within the UK. Lee approached us with his ideas for refreshing an area of the store. In addition to the existing Scandinavian section and Industrial area, Lee wanted to create the "Urban Garden," within the retail store. This new space was to encompass all the contemporary furniture, lighting and decorative elements that Stollers offered, creating a new environment for this style.

This space was to be positioned at the back of the store, so it was important that we were able to capture customers attention as soon as they entered Stollers in order to draw them right through the store. Once within the Urban Garden, the environment needed to excite people, draw attention to the fabulous products on offer and encourage them to stay and wonder the contemporary aisles for a period of time. The bold greenery, intriguing wallpapers and sculptural features of the final design ensured that customers were both captivated and inspired.

We had to work within the existing structure while also re-inventing an entire area. By positioning suspended, mirrored ceilings, the spaces instantly felt bigger. Depth was also added while the area became dynamic and inspiring. This, along with the flourishing greenery, completely removed the customer from the traditional retail environment of ceiling tiles and four walls, transporting them instead to a truly memorable, in-store experience.

“Working with Imogen and Emily to create our interior scheme has been an absolute pleasure. We have found them to be friendly, professional and efficient. Their vision and creativity has been inspiring, whilst their practical and methodical approach means that they have considered and added value to all elements of our business.”
K. Allison