Embracing the old while introducing the new...

Some of our projects allow us to start from scratch, working from a blank canvas to bring a brand new interior to life. These can often be among the most difficult, you have to create the character, the intrigue and the atmosphere, a challenge we love!

However, some projects have the character, they have the history and charm and the intrigue of an existing building. Often today we are asked to create an interior, within an historical shell, that steps forward into the present and the future. Our new designs should be contemporary to appeal now, but also timeless so that they hold their appeal for years to come.

This can often be a disconcerting leap for some, unsure of the new and fearful of tainting the old. However, the result always delights the client. The contemporary finish sheds new light on the old, allowing it to be looked at through a different lens, by different people from a different view. The old remains and is respected, but the new takes it down a path to re-discovery allowing it to, to be valued for years to come rather than forgotten.

History in our buildings and interiors helps facilitate wonderful, new and often very forward thinking designs that allows every interior to be unique.

...and why this whimsical blog? Well, we happen to be working on a brand new build situated in the grounds of a Grade 1 listed building...we can't give away too much more just yet!