We are delighted to have won 2 awards at this years UK Property Awards!



We are overjoyed and thrilled to have our work acknowledged in this way in the largest, most prestigious, and widely recognised programme throughout the regions...UK Property Awards.  Especially when The Route ID is only 18 months old! 

We will be receiving both awards in London on the 27th October, safe to say we are both very excited!

We have also had a wonderful article published in Eat Drink Sleep...take a look

Embracing the old while introducing the new...

Some of our projects allow us to start from scratch, working from a blank canvas to bring a brand new interior to life. These can often be among the most difficult, you have to create the character, the intrigue and the atmosphere, a challenge we love!

However, some projects have the character, they have the history and charm and the intrigue of an existing building. Often today we are asked to create an interior, within an historical shell, that steps forward into the present and the future. Our new designs should be contemporary to appeal now, but also timeless so that they hold their appeal for years to come.

This can often be a disconcerting leap for some, unsure of the new and fearful of tainting the old. However, the result always delights the client. The contemporary finish sheds new light on the old, allowing it to be looked at through a different lens, by different people from a different view. The old remains and is respected, but the new takes it down a path to re-discovery allowing it to, to be valued for years to come rather than forgotten.

History in our buildings and interiors helps facilitate wonderful, new and often very forward thinking designs that allows every interior to be unique.

...and why this whimsical blog? Well, we happen to be working on a brand new build situated in the grounds of a Grade 1 listed building...we can't give away too much more just yet!

Lakes Hospitality Trade Show


This month we took part in our first ever trade show; Lakes Hospitality!

We didn't know what to expect, would anyone come and visit our stand!? 

All we could do is do what we do best...we set about designing our stand, just as we would any other project, except this time the space

Priding ourselves on our attention to detail and being sticklers for perfection, we set about developing CAD drawings and concept schemes for the stand. We sourced stunning wallpaper from a range of our favourite suppliers, selected robust commercial fabric we often use, had our favourite wood genius Stan at Woodmad construct a fantastic shelf unit for our display, arranged a glorious lighting display with hand blown glass pendants and finally, had the wonderful Dotty Flamingo create our sign.

We created a living mood board with full of wood textures, earthy tones, with teal and rust accent colours added to really bring it to life...oo and did we mention the hexagonal tiled floor? 

The Route Interior Design - Lakes Hospitality Trade Show - Cumbria


We were so pleased (and slightly relieved). Thank you so much for supporting us, we had no idea how positive the response would be and how many enquiries and connections we would gain from the show.

We have a business in full swing, with numerous fantastic commercial projects all at different stages. We couldn't ask for more...well maybe a new office...watch this space...

Lakes Hospitality 2018...of course we will!

New Year, New Projects

We are already into February...time is flying! It has been a brilliant start to the year for us with more exciting projects and fantastic clients.

We are moving forward promptly with FITISM now, with opening expected in the next couple of months. It is an absolute pleasure to be a part of this project. FITISM really embraces a unique gym concept with such passion and enthusiasm that we can't help but bring this right through into the very heart of the interior. We cannot wait to show you the finished results...

In addition we are starting a wonderful new restaurant project which will continue into next year, a pub project, a wine bar, new offices, a new B&B.......It has never felt so good to be so busy!

And amongst all of this we are going to have our own stand at our very first trade show; Lakes Hospitality on the 1st - 2nd March. We are putting together the stand now using wallpaper, fabrics and lighting from many of our favourite suppliers, so please do come and pay us a visit!

Hopefully see you there :)

Imogen & Emily 

end of another year...but it's only just beginning!

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This past 10 months has been a whirlwind to say the least.

The last month has probably been one of the most exciting. Projects have come to an end and the interior fit outs have been and gone with the final photographs taken. There is nothing better than a happy client with a finished design. Make sure to have a look at the final photographs from Bici and Little & Caine, all taken by the wonderful Tony West. With this we have also had new enquiries for holiday lets, homes and a gym in Wilmslow, all of which we are really looking forward to developing through next year.

We took a huge leap of faith this year and it has been the most rewarding experience for both of us. We are so grateful and so thankful to everyone that has supported us throughout this year, from family and friends to all our wonderful clients.

Here's to 2017!

Imogen & Emily